Why I Don’t Have A Niche.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for years. I’ve looked into it so many times and kept being put off. Everywhere I looked I saw the words “Find Your Niche” and it honestly put me off so much. You see, my niche is that I have no niche. I never have done. It’s why I’veContinue reading “Why I Don’t Have A Niche.”

Anxiety and Hypermobility

Hands up if you have had to deal with anxiety at some point in your life. I’m guessing everyone has, right? Everyone knows that feeling, that sudden wave of panic that takes over your whole body. When your heart starts racing, thumping so hard that you can feel it in your throat. The adrenaline rushesContinue reading “Anxiety and Hypermobility”

30+ Symptoms of Hypermobility

What you need to know about Hypermobility Syndrome. Hypermobility just means you are flexible right? Must be fun right? For as long as I can remember I have been different, I have suffered with pain and a number of health issues. I can bend into unusual shapes with ease but ask me to stand straight,Continue reading “30+ Symptoms of Hypermobility”