Oktoberfest at Alton Towers 2021 – Is It Any Good?

Entrance to the main entertainment area.

About The Event

Oktoberfest is an event that Alton Towers (and many other parks) are running from 11th September 2021 – 3rd October 2021. It’s a family friendly event with plenty of entertainment throughout the days and lots of German style food and drink to try.

We visited on the opening weekend and it was honestly so much fun. We actually visited because it was Natalia’s birthday weekend and she asked if we could go to Alton Towers for her birthday. I was so excited when I went to book our tickets and discovered that it was the start of their Oktoberfest event and that the event was included in the ticket price.
As a relatively new blogger and a brand new YouTuber it was a dream come true for me!

One of the photo opportunities at Alton Towers

Day 1

We booked the weekend at Alton Towers (stayed in a Premier Inn in Derby). Whenever we do Alton Towers we always go for 2 days. It is such a long journey for us to get there so we like to make sure we have the chance to experience as much as we can.

We arrived for day 1 of their event and as soon as we arrived I was in love.
Towers Street was beautifully decorated with Oktoberfest bunting, there was Oompah style music playing and the atmosphere felt electric.
We walked further down to see a beautiful maypole, hay bales and a huge inflatable Oktoberfest entrance on the field featuring some giant pretzels.

The entertainment wasn’t scheduled to start until after lunchtime so we decided to do some rides.
As it was Natalia’s birthday weekend she had first ride choice and she chose Thirteen. This isn’t my favourite ride I have to be honest but it is Natalia’s. The ride as a whole package is good and the idea behind it is brilliant but the coaster bit is naff. That being said, it was a good ride to start off with as it was a gentle ease into the day.

My Day 1 Vlog. Check it Out on Youtube

After Thirteen we headed over to The Rollercoaster Restaurant for some lunch. Craig and I tried it the last time we went and really enjoyed it so we thought it would be nice to treat Natalia for her birthday.
It’s such a good atmosphere in there and a fab experience seeing your food and drinks coming down a little rollercoaster. Some tables even have a little loop bit which is quite amazing really. The food is quite hit and miss though it seems.
I had the Nemesis meal and I really enjoyed it but I know a few people haven’t had great meals there. And there was no dessert either!

We headed to Nemesis after food, a brave choice when you have just stuffed your face and drank a beer but hey, we like to live on the edge! Nemesis at the moment is running so well, it was so fun and didn’t have much of a queue at all.

Nemesis at Alton Towers

The Entertainment

Once the entertainment area opened we headed down to the field to see what they had to offer. There is actually 2 areas of entertainment this year (apparently last year it was just the one) In the courtyard area they had a nice relaxed area with musicians on stage but the main field was where we spent most of our time. It was fabulous! There were staff dressed up in lederhosen and a guy walking around with a massive horn! He was hilarious.
There were plenty of food stalls. Obviously there was bratwurst and pretzels but it also had things like churros, German streetfood, you could toast your own marshmallows in their firepit and they also had a 2 tier bar serving a selection of German beers.

More of the Oktoberfest Decor

The entertainment was fabulous. They had a compere who was brilliant at getting the crowds going, Oktoberfest singalong, Darwin did a family show, there was an amazing dance group and an Oompah band called German Jukebox.
It was so much fun. I even got up and danced with some of the entertainers! It was absolutely brilliant.

Dancing with the entertainers at Oktoberfest

I also met Shawn from Theme Park Worldwide. He is Amelia’s favourite YouTuber and she was quite upset when she realised that he was going to be there (this was a big people trip so the little ones stayed behind) luckily Shawn is so nice and he recorded a little message for Amelia.

I also met more of my favourite YouTubers including Ellie and Richard from The Mediocre Travel Blog. They have a lovely channel, one I recommend you check out.

Smiler at Alton Towers

After sampling the beer, we headed over to the Smiler which is my absolute favourite ride. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a 14 looping coaster and it is crazy bonkers. It’s one that just takes my breath away and makes me laugh the whole way round. Such a good ride.

Wickerman at Alton Towers

We also did Wickerman which is the newest coaster at the park. It’s such a good wooden coaster although I can’t decide if it’s better than Megafobia, I’m not sure. The theming is better that’s for certain but I think Megafobia might be slightly faster and is definitely longer. Wickerman is fab though and a great addition to the park (still not over the fact they got rid of the log flume for it though!)

That was it for the rides on that day though as we went back to enjoy some more of the food and entertainment. We had a bratwurst each which were very nice but my gosh were they pricey. £8 each for a hotdog! Mental.
We also had cinnamon churros, yum. I can’t resist churros.

We stayed until about half 7 (park closed at 8) as we had a 45 minute drive to the hotel. From the videos that I have seen the entertainment in the last half hour of the event was insane. Everyone was up dancing, so if you go try and stay to the end because I’m gutted we didn’t stay.

Day 2

Oblivion at Alton Towers

Day 2 was all about the rides for us. We made sure that we did all the rides that we could and it was fantastic. The only ride we didn’t manage to get on was Rita as it broke down just as we got to the front of the queue line. We didn’t see much of the entertainment that day as it wasn’t anything different to the previous day. It was much quieter on the Sunday though.

Watch my day 2 vlog on Youtube

So, Is It Worth Visiting

Absolutely! If you are thinking of going or happen to get the chance to go this year you definitely should. We had the most amazing time and I was so sad to come home after it. The staff, the entertainment, the food were all brilliant. So much fun and a wonderful atmosphere in the park. I really hope this is going to be an annual event at Alton Towers as I would love to experience it again.

Are you planning on visiting Oktoberfest at Alton Towers this year? What is your favourite ride at the park? Let me know in the comments.

Don’t count the days,
Make the days count.

Love Stacey

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