The Candy Princess

Book cover for children's book - The Candy Princess. Designed by Amelia
Book cover for The Candy Princess – Designed by Amelia


This is a short story, written and illustrated by my 8 year old daughter Amelia. She has worked so hard on this little story and it’s super cute. I’m so very proud of her.
Amelia also has a YouTube video of the story which you can view at the bottom of this page.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Since publishing this story we have received some wonderful comments. In particular we want to say a massive thank you to Sweet Victory Products who very kindly sent Amelia some delicious sugar free treats as a reward for her hard work. I have placed some links in this post to their site as a thank you . I do hope you check them out.
Stacey xx

Chapter 1 image.

Chapter 1-Cindy 

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Cindy born in the Sweet Dimension in the war against the Sour Dimension. 
It was too dangerous to have a child in the kingdom at the time, so her parents put her in the lollipop rocket and sent their little baby flying off to a safer place. 
Cindy landed in the Magic Realm. She landed in Sparkle Road next to the Magic Pop Restaurant. 
The Magic Pop Restaurant is an old cabin with a slate made roof and sells glorious drinks and food. 
But the important thing is Cindy crying on the street.
Then someone came towards her and picked her up. 

Chapter 2 image

Chapter 2-The Strange Woman

The strange woman came up to the cute crying dimpled Cindy.
The woman had blonde hair, magenta eyes, a dress with dragon eggs on it and pink high heels.
“OH! There is a baby here, I should take her home with me.” said the strange lady. 
So, she set off towards her house in Owl creek.
Her house was yellow and it has a pink roof, with a blue door.
When she was in her house, she put Cindy to sleep and went to her green bed and went to sleep herself. 

Chapter 3 image

Chapter 3- Cindy’s 8th Birthday 

On Tuesday, the 15th of July, the day before Cindy’s 8th birthday, Cindy was playing chess with her mother Megan. Until Cindy shouted checkmate and her mother’s king was dead. “Wow you are getting good at this. ” said Cindy’s Mother. “Thanks mammy.” said Cindy. 
She went to make sparkleberry and cream (whipped)for tea. When she had made it and sat down to eat it and it was glorious tasting.
“Mammy, I can’t wait for tomorrow”, said Cindy.
“I know darling it’s your birthday tomorrow. Exciting!” said her mother. 
After that talk, Cindy went up to bed.
The next morning Cindy woke up with a jump, her mother was calling her down. So, Cindy got out of bed got dressed and ran downstairs and her mother shouted, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” 
“Whoo-hoo!” screamed Cindy. “Yay presents!” shouted Cindy.
She ran to the presents and opened them, she got a phone, smokey bacon crisps, microphone, swing, game console and finally she got a book. 
“WAW! I love them!” exclaimed Cindy. 
“I am glad you like them.” said her mother. 
Her mother went to set up the party while Cindy was eating her smokey bacon crisps. The doorbell rang, she went to the door and there was a letter. She picked it up, opened the envelope, and read

Dear Megan 

The war has stopped so please bring the little girl that you found in the street 8 years ago please bring Cindy back. All you have to say is “sweet portal” and you will be in the Sweet Realm.

 Sincerely yours Mr Digestive. 

Megan dropped the letter, picked it up and ran to the little girl put it in her hand and told her to read it.
After Cindy read it, she said “you are not my real mother, and you did not tell me why?”
But Megan did not respond instead she dragged Cindy to the front door and said, “Sweet portal.” 

Chapter 4 image

Chapter 4-Sweet Kingdom

Cindy got pushed through the portal and it closed, but her fake mother didn’t come. 
So, Cindy went off on her own and explored this tasty place. 
It was filled with marshmallow roofs and gummy blocks as bricks, it was a peculiar place with candy canes everywhere and biscuits.
Cindy was amazed, she was speechless you would call it.
Cindy walked around for a bit but then she bumped into a kid the same age as her.
Cindy said, “Sorry and who are you.”
The girl said, “I am Raspberry Yogurt.” 
“Um hi Raspberry.” said Cindy curiously.
Cindy was confused and amazed. Then suddenly Raspberry said, “are you new here.”
“Yes.” said Cindy.
“Do you want me to show you around.” asked Raspberry
“Okay.” Said Cindy.
So, Raspberry and Cindy went off together. Cindy saw the sweet palace and a gummy farm and the gummy bear was farming them. 
“WAW!” Said Cindy amazed. 
“I know it’s great isn’t it.” said Raspberry.
Then they carried on walking on biscuit street.
Raspberry then said, “today the king and Queen are celebrating their daughter that should be coming back today if she got the letter anyway.” 
“Weird I got a letter today.” thought Cindy in her head. 
“Do you want to come tonight?” said Raspberry
“Yes please,” said Cindy. And they walked on to Raspberry’s house in Fruit Street.  

Chapter 5 image

Chapter 5- King and Queens Daughters Welcome Party.

That afternoon Cindy and Raspberry were getting ready to go to the party. 
They put ballgowns on. Cindy put a sparkly blue and purple ballgown on and Raspberry wore a pink and purple dress. 
“WAW, we look amazing.” Screamed Cindy. 
“YEAH, we do!” Responded Raspberry.
It was quarter to eight. Eight o’clock is when the party starts. 
“Let’s go to the car it takes fifteen minutes to get to the palace.” Said Raspberry.
“OK.” Said Cindy. 
So, they drove to the palace. Raspberry and Cindy walked into the palace and went to drink punch.
“This is Great.” said Cindy. “Yeah, it is.” replied Raspberry.
Then the King and Queen came out to do their speech.
“So, our little Cindy hasn’t shown up…” Cindy then thought “my name’s Cindy and Megan was not my real mother so am I their little Cindy?”
So, Cindy shouted out “I’m Here!” 
The King and Queen gasped and ran to Cindy. The Queen used her magic to see if it really was her daughter and Cindy, was her daughter.
The Queen hugged Cindy and Cindy hugged back. The King joined too and it was the first time Cindy felt loved.
Then she got dragged to a throne that said Cindy’s name on it and she sat on it. 

Chapter 6 image

Chapter 6 – Cindy’s Family Together Again

“I am so happy you are with me and you’re my daddy. I love you” said Cindy.
“I know you do” said her father.
“Come on let us enjoy the party now” said her mother. 
So, they danced fancily, ate cakes and talked. 
After that, at half-past nine the party finished, and everyone left. Raspberry said goodbye and left.
Cindy sat in the living room and talked to her parents and asked why they sent her away?
So, they told her about the battle against the sour dimension. Cindy said “oh.” 
Then Cindy put the liquorice TV on and watched Broken Doll. Broken Doll is about a girl named Rosie who was controlled by an evil person. She had a half-brother, half-sister and a brother, but no more spoilers. Then Cindy went to bed after watching Broken Doll Fallen Dragons.
Her bed was a pink and purple four-poster bed and her bedroom was ice cream theme. Then she went to sleep.
The next morning Cindy got woken up by the butler Mr. Wispa and he said “Good morning my lady time for your breakfast.” 
Mr. Wispa gave Cindy chocolate pancakes and hot chocolate with marshmallows and gummy bears in it.
When she finished her breakfast, she got dressed into a fantastic royal blue dress with glitter on the bottom half of the dress. 
She went downstairs into the living room where her parents were waiting for her. They gave her the remote control to put the TV on then they went to have breakfast. Then Cindy sat on the gummy sofa and put the TV on. 

Chapter 7 image

Chapter 7- The Strange Mr Cookie 

When Cindy was done with watching TV, she went to the castle gardens when she bumped into someone.
Cindy asked, “Who are you?” 
The person said, “um ah eh I am Mr mm Cookie.”
Cindy thought Mr. Cookie was strange and a bit suspicious because he stuttered a lot like he did not know his name.
So, Cindy went around this Mr. Cookie into the garden to skip. She was incredibly good at the skipping rope she could skip for hours nonstop she quite enjoyed it. 
Then Cindy went to have lunch with her parents and to her surprise Mr Cookie was at the table. Then he left.
She said to her parents ” Did you know him?”
“Yes also we let him in cause he asked to work here and we said yes.” they said.
Cindy ate her ham sandwich. Then she went out of the room and saw Mr Cookie talking in a faint voice and Cindy listened very closely.
He said. “They do not know I am actually Mr Sour from the Sour Realm, and I am planning to go to war against them.” 
Cindy ran to the next room and thought, “I must tell my parents, but will they believe me.?” 
So, Cindy told her parents and of course they did not believe her, so Cindy walked off to the garden and skipped. 

Chapter 8 image

Chapter 8-Prep For The War

Cindy thought “if Mr Sour was going to declare war on us, I must be ready for anything. “
So, Cindy used some fairy dust to make her clothes invisible armour.
“Perfect.” Said Cindy.
Cindy went to her bedroom and sat down to read her book, Frozen Fright. Frozen Fright is about a snow monster who wanted to play but everyone ran away from him. 
For tea, Cindy had chicken nuggets and chips. Then she went to bed. 
The next morning, Wednesday at half past six Cindy tip toed downstairs into Mr Sour’s Room and stole his diary. She ran back to her room and read it. 
It said “tomorrow I am going to declare war on the Sweet Kingdom. I am going to send sour lemon bombs and lime floods and everything.”
Cindy gasped dropped the book and put it back in Mr Sour’s bedroom and ran back to her room just in time for Mr Wispa to give her breakfast.
When she finished, she went to practice archery for the war. 

Chapter 9

Chapter 9- The War Starts

The next day Cindy woke up with a fright. 
Mr Sour was blowing a trumpet and shouting “Chaaaarge!” 
Cindy got dressed into her rainbow outfit, put her invisible armour on, ran to her parents, and woke them up.
They listened, and they heard the shouting and the trumpeting, so they got dressed ran outside with Cindy. Then the king and Queen shouted “Chaaarge.” together.
So the battle began. 
Cindy used her bow and arrow which were poisonous and hit a sour person. She tried to hit Mr Sour, but he dodged it with stride. He tried to hit Cindy with a lemon bomb but she jumped over it like a gymnast. 
She ran up to Mr. Sour from behind ( so he does not see her) and tied him up with strawberry laces.
Then they carried on with the battle. The gummy bear had to go to the hospital because his leg got chopped off so the doctors took his leg and him to the hospital.
Cindy got her skipping rope, but this wasn’t just any old skipping rope because when she skips, she makes sticky icing. Then she stuck a person on it then people started to notice that Mr Sour, their King was tied up and started to stop and crowd around him.
They asked, “Who tied the king up?”
“I did.” said Cindy. 
Then they said “YAY!” “We hated him thanks and bye.” Then they left and carried their king away.
Now the battle was over everything can go back to normal. 

Chapter 10 image

Chapter 10- After The War 

A few weeks after the war, everything was fixed. The fires were put out, the lemon bombs damage was fixed by the builders and the lime flood bombs were sucked up by the liquid sucking lollipop.
Cindy got a prize trophy which was pink and green for defeating Mr Sour. 
Her parents said they were sorry for not believing her and Cindy forgave them.
Meanwhile in the Sour Kingdom, the sour subjects threw Mr Sour in the dungeons. The new king and Queen were crowned Queen and King sherbet.
Cindy cuddled up in her pink and purple four poster bed and went to sleep knowing that the kingdom was safe again.

The End. 

Check out this cute short story written by 8 year old Amelia. #creativekids #youngauthors #kidsstories

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  1. Very beautiful and touching story! It is great that it is seperated in chapters and visualized by her own drawings. She defintely is in a creative path and she will be walking on it for a long time and will go far away 🙂

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