Paultons Park

About The Park

Paultons Park is a fantastic family day out in Hampshire, England. It is home to over 70 rides and attractions including Peppa Pig World, The Lost Kingdom and brand new for 2021, Tornado Springs.
It has been a family attraction since 1983 and is run by the Mancey family.
It is a beautifully themed park filled with so much detail and is fantastic for the kids. It’s somewhere that we love to come as there is so much for all age ranges to do.
There’s very few rides that my 4 year old (Florence) is unable to go on.

You can really see that the whole park has been designed with children in mind. It’s actually the one place that we have visited where Florence will actually use the toilet as there are toddler seats integrated into every toilet seat.
So much thought has gone into the whole park and it’s somewhere that I know we will be visiting for years to come.

The park offer amazing value with their one day free ticket offer when you book a short break through their website; this is really handy as it is definitely a 2-day park!
The park is home to around 38 rides and even though they have free entry, about 28 of them are suitable for children under 1 metre.
There’s coasters, drop towers and a thrilling gyro swing.
This park is somewhere we have visited many times now and we can’t wait to go again.
I would love to go for Halloween one year because the Halloween events look amazing.

Unlike a lot of theme parks we’ve visited, parking is free which is fab however, make sure to arrive early as the traffic getting into the park can be a lot. The last time we went we ended up stuck in traffic for an hour trying to get into the park. The same goes for when you are leaving, either leave early or wait around in the shop for a while after ride close because the car park can be at a standstill for a good while.

Entrance to Peppa Pig World
Entrance to Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig World

If like me, your TV has been taken over by Peppa Pig then you have to come here!
Paultons Park is home to Peppa Pig World which is the world’s largest and first ever Peppa Pig themed area. It’s where your little one’s favourite TV show is really brought to life. It’s honestly the cutest place to see and fully immerses you into the world of Peppa Pig.
The detail involved in the theming of this area is insane, they’ve managed to make everything look exactly like the animations and music from the show is played throughout the area. They have even thought to put the houses on top of little hills; it’s adorable.
There are 9 rides within this section and only one of them (George’s Dinosaur Adventure) has a height restriction.
There’s so much to do here, you could easily spend an entire day in this section alone. The area also has play areas including the Muddy Puddles Splash Area and has plenty of photo opportunities available throughout the day. You are even able to go into one of the little houses.
It’s such a magical way to introduce your little ones to theme parks.
The only downside to this area is the queues. It gets very busy very quickly which isn’t really enjoyable with little ones. To combat this you can get a Peppa Pig World Early Entry Pass which isn’t too pricey. This pass allows you to have meet and greets with Peppa and George and ride the rides for half hour before the park opens.

Entrance to Tornado Springs
Entrance to Tornado Springs

Tornado Springs

New for 2021 is Tornado Springs and what an area it is. The attention to detail there is wonderful with 1950s American desert style theming everywhere you look.
Tornado Springs currently has 8 rides, 2 play areas, a diner and a shop, all of which are beautifully themed.
There is a second phase of Tornado Springs currently under construction and I absolutely cannot wait to see it.
Out of the 8 rides, 4 are suitable for children under 1 metre.
Florence absolutely loved the bouncy Windmill Towers. This was her first experience on one of these rides and I was a little nervous putting her on it as she looked so tiny on it, but I needn’t have worried because she giggled for the whole ride cycle.
Amelia’s favourite (and mine and Craig’s too) was Storm Chaser, the park’s spinning coaster. The height limit for this ride is 1 metre with an age limit of 4 which is mad because it’s quite an intense ride.
The only ride Amelia didn’t enjoy was Cyclonator, which I was surprised about because she is a proper thrill seeker but that ride was a bit too much for her.
Everything about this area is so well thought out and has a cool soundtrack that plays throughout.

Amelia’s Paultons Park Vlog
Velociraptor Boomerang Coaster
Velociraptor Boomerang Coaster

The Lost Kingdom

If you have a dino mad child (like our Florriesaurus) then this area is for you.
There are 6 rides in this area with only 2 of them being unsuitable for children under 1 metre.
There’s 3 coasters in this section. 1 of them is a boomerang style coaster, Velociraptor, which is just so much fun, it’s definitely our favourite. There’s a suspended coaster, The Flight Of The Pterosaur and a little junior coaster, Dino Chase. Florence loved the Dino Chase coaster, it was her first ever coaster experience and is actually quite a bit faster than it looks.
If you are after any refreshments, there is a little shack in this area that sells the most amazing doughnut milkshakes which you have to try if you are visiting!
Again, the theming of this area is brilliant with plenty of animatronics dotted around. There’s also dino meet and greet experiences throughout the day.
The coasters in this area get busy very quickly though. We headed there first thing and the queues for The Flight Of The Pterosaur were already outside of the queue line, although as we visited before restrictions were lifted, I think social distancing rules could have played a part with that.
As if the rides weren’t enough, there is also a play area where you can dig in the sand and discover fossils.


The Rest Of The Park

There is loads more to do at the park including another 2 coasters, a log flume and plenty of flat rides.
Paultons Park is home to animals too including penguins, meerkats, flamingos and creepy crawlies.
Near The Lost Kingdom, there is a massive splash park, perfect for cooling down on hot days.
It really is a beautiful park to walk around. The gardens are stunning, so well planted and really looked after. The ground is lovely and flat which is fab for people like me who struggle with walking.

Garden at Paultons Park
Garden at Paultons Park

Places To Eat

The park offers plenty of places to eat and get your coffee fix throughout the park.
It’s a good idea to check out the menus on their website before going to get an idea of what’s available.
It’s not too overly priced either. I think if you are eating at a theme park then you expect to pay a lot but I didn’t feel like the prices were extortionate.
We had food in the Route 83 Diner in Tornado Springs, burgers and curly fries! The kids loved theirs as the burger buns were in the shape of stars.

Florrie and her Freakshake at Lost Kingdom
Florrie and her Freakshake at Lost Kingdom

Best Bits

The best bit for me has to be Tornado Springs. The whole area is such an immersive experience. So much thought has gone into the design there and there’s plenty of photo opportunities. Storm Chaser is now my favourite ride at the park and although I didn’t feel that I spun around much, it certainly does whip you around quite a bit.

Florrie Loves the Little Digger Ride
Florrie Loves the Little Digger Ride

What Would I Like To See?

I think that the park is simply fabulous. The fact that it’s so family-friendly and accessible is wonderful.
I’d love to see a rapids ride added somewhere, something a little more thrilling than the Grampy Rabbit boat ride. I just know that they could do something really great if they did one.
The other thing that I’ve noticed is that there aren’t any dark rides at Paultons Park (apart from the small section on the Dino Safari). A couple of dark rides would be a great addition to the park. My girls love a good spooky house and rides with cute little scenes to look at. They would also be handy to escape from the weather when it’s too hot or too wet.

Florence and Amelia


Overall this is a cracking park. It’s great value for money and it’s by far the best theme park in the UK to bring the kids with so much for them to do. My girls are quite small for their ages and it always disappoints them when they are too short for rides; so the fact that my 8 year old can ride everything and there’s also loads for my 4 year old to do makes it my favourite place to take them. If you’ve been thinking about going there then just do it because you definitely won’t regret it!

If you are looking for somewhere to visit in Wales then check out my blog post on Folly Farm.

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